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Jomotex - José Monteiro & Filhos Lda is proud to be a factory producing 100% natural and organic resting products. We were born with the goal of providing you with a restful and healthy sleep for a better quality of life.

Despite having a short life span as a store, we are already very experienced in both the manufacturing and commercial areas, accumulating the experience of several generations linked to bedding. We manufacture mattresses for the whole country and abroad, namely Spain, France and Angola. We also work for the resale of pillows, mattress bases, spring mattresses, bed frames.

We want our clients to feel that our company is a reference in healthcare and that is why we will always be at the forefront of knowledge and promotion of new products in the area of rest.
Orthopedic Mattresses
A good orthopedic mattress improves sleep quality by evenly distributing pressure throughout the body and helping blood circulation. Similarly, the use of a good orthopedic mattress reduces movements during the night, allowing for a more peaceful and restful sleep.

Orthopedic foam mattresses have a reputation for minimizing the amount of movement made by everyone on the mattress, beyond youself. The main goal of this type of orthopedic mattress is to keep the spine aligned and to maintain natural curvatures when lying down.

The best orthopedic mattresses are made to fit your body shape. Some orthopedic mattresses even keep the shape of the body "imprinted" for a short time after getting off the mattress. These mattresses have this ability due to a material developed by NASA for space suits. Other orthopedic mattresses achieve this same technology by being filled with latex.

When you decide to go buy an orthopedic mattress, keep in mind the specific characteristics of your back and spine. Although orthopedic mattresses are designed for as many problems as possible, you may want to discuss your particular situation with a doctor or therapist, that will help you choose the right mattress for the right sleep.