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Tips for choosing the right mattress

Have you ever entered a mattress store and couldn't choose the right mattress for you? If you are experiencing back pain now, and if you do nothing about it, your current situation will surely get worse over time. You will find the tips we have prepared for you very helpful in choosing the right mattress for good support and comfort.

Spine Support

A good orthopedic mattress should provide good support for your spine. The mattress should adapt easily to the body without any misalignment of the spine. This will prevent muscle aches and at the same time allow a good night's sleep.

Mattress Type

Different mattresses work in different ways. There is no specific mattress that is the perfect choice for back pain sufferers. Depending on the physical components of each mattress, the height of the mattresses is recommended if you have back problems.


Usually, the larger the upholstery of an orthopedic mattress, the higher the quality and the more expensive it becomes. But this does not necessarily mean that the most expensive orthopedic mattress is the right choice for you. It will depend heavily on whether the mattress is “back-friendly” and comfortable enough for you.



No advice from us can compare with trying and lying on an orthopedic mattress yourself. Do not be inhibited, and lie on the mattress to check the comfort level. And if you share the mattress with your better half, you should both try the mattress together to ensure that space and comfort remain ideal.


Mattress Models:

• Minimola Mattress
• Orthopedic Mattress
• Prestige Mattress
• Premier Mattress
• Maxisac Top Pillow Mattress
• Maxisac Mattress